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Black Evil Eye Bag

Black Evil Eye Bag

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【Appearance Material】LED Sling Bag appearance: 3D hardcore waterproof material, 1680pvc for the width of the back, 48*48 full-color dot matrix screen that supports text, pictures, GIF, and other formats, adjustable shoulder strap size, and breathable material for the back in addition to other features. so that you have more comfort whether trekking, travelling, etc.
【How to use】To download the "LOY eye" APP, search on your phone or just scan the code. Then, bind the backpack by turning on Bluetooth, plugging in the mobile power source via the built-in USB data connector on the back and scanning the QR code. It's possible to link the gadget. We don't provide mobile electricity for the safety of transportation.
【Space sizeBackpack measures 20*32*9 cm. Its huge zipper pocket may fit a tablet computer. The inside has many little pockets that can be used to store various items like as mobile phones, sports equipment, textbooks, tissues, cosmetics and keys. The finest presents for friends, family, children, Christmas, birthdays, and other occasions are things, backpacks with DIY screens, and so on.

【Applicable occasions 】There are several scenarios in which this LED cool knight smart backpack may be used. 1. Group travel: Feel free to adjust the itinerary and use the rucksack whichever you choose. 2. Riding artefact: safer nighttime riding, early warning alerts, and outdoor travel3. For students who are always on the move or frequent travellers, the LED trendy smart bag is the ideal travel companion. Its modern style makes it simple to identify in a crowd.

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