The Kimi Experience

Beyond a Shop, it’s a Mindset

At Kimi Bike, we've harnessed the power of Qi (the life force that flows through all things) to offer riders not just gear but the energy to conquer every road. Our accessories are designed to align your body and spirit with the flow of life force, ensuring you ride in perfect harmony with the universe.

Beyond a Shop, it’s a Philosophy

Kimi Bike is more than just a shop; it's a philosophy shared by riders who understand that the road is a teacher of life's wisdom, that the path of least resistance often leads to the greatest results. When you enter Kimi Bike, you're not just a customer; you're a seeker of effortless action on the open road.

Beyond a Shop, it’s a Revolution

It's where riders from all corners of the globe come together to embrace the legend, share the road, and defy the ordinary. When you step into Kimi Bike, you're not just a customer; you're a comrade in the revolution

About us

A trio of motorcycle maniacs crossed paths during an adrenaline-charged international bike expo, their shared passion lit the fuse for Kimi Bike’s incredible journey. These weren't your ordinary entrepreneurs; they were fearless leaders of the biker community from across UAE, UK, and China, the mad scientists behind Kimi Bike.

The rider from Dubai brought the grit of the desert, sharing captivating tales of daring rides and the challenges that came with them. Having lived and breathed sand dunes, their rider's perspective on safety was honed by countless hours in the arid wilderness.

Now shift gears to the UK rider, a market maven renowned in motocross and dirt-bike circles, passionately discussed the Zen and the open-road riding experience. They understood the deep-seated desire for what riders craved, gear that was not just top-notch but also bolder, better, and, well, bull-free.

From across the globe, our Chinese sourcing and product quality genius tuned in, they recognised the universal demand for superior gear and knew they held the key to making it happen and couldn’t resist joining the conversation.

Together, they formed Kimi Bike, where no-nonsense gear meets full-speed riders, the antidote to all the bull that's been passing off as riding gear. With branches in their respective territories, they now lead the charge, keeping bull at bay and delivering top-notch gear for riders who demand nothing but the best.